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  • Econo Method 5035 VPH sample smart Kit
  • Matrix: P/T Methanol No. of Analytes: 1
  • * Please note that discount is applied based on the following: 0-49 kits= 0% discount, 50-99 kits= 10% discount, 100+ kits= 20% discount.


Price: $16.13


Components (8)

Component Elemental Symbol CAS Number Concentration Units
o2si Econo VPH Rack      each 
T-Handle Soil Sampler      each 
40ml Amber VOA Vial    628-63-7  each 
5ml P/T Methanol    67-56-1  each 
Tared    141-78-6  each 
Labeled      each 
40ml Clear VOA Vial      each 
Labeled      each